Thank you.

Thank you to all the psychiatrists who for the last two hundred years have devoted their professional lives to helping look after people with mental health issues. People like me, who from time to time hit the rocks in their journey through life.

But now your very existence as a profession – i would suggest – is up for scrutiny.

Your BOOK – the DSM, on which you base your diagnoses, is yours. You write it, you debate it, you revise it.

Without any psychiatrists, there would be no DSM, and i suggest no Mental Illness.

Of course, with complicated lifestyles and many relationships to navigate, we, the people will continue to have mental health issues – just like we have physical health issues. But the days of prescribing mediation to deal with these mental health issues, is, i suggest coming to an end.

I am currently detained under a short-term detention – one that can last for up to 28 days. And the psychiatrist is applying to a tribunal for a Compulsory Treatment Order to enable him to continue to treat me – with a daily dose of a white pill.

I know the pills do not work.

How can i be so sure?

Because I have discovered,that the Nation State is not logically consistent. If it was, why would an individual, who has done nothing wrong, committed no crime, be locked up when in perfect health, just for asking to see a psychiatrist.

That my views are deemed delusional by not one, but now six psychiatrists, simply confirms my knowledge.

  • I am outside the very system that i belong to. #contradiction

Mankind and the global society has has built over thousands of years is one of conflict. Everywhere we look there is conflict.

  • between nations
  • between individuals
  • between groups
  • between religions

We can, and hopefully will – transition quickly into a new world order.

  • Of Peace
  • Without psychiatrists – without mental illness
  • With soldiers becoming helpers
  • Where religionĀ sits happily alongsideĀ a faith in your fellow man
  • Of equality – real, not perceived

As John Lennon wrote in the words of his famous song – Imagine
Lennon - Imagine

How do we get there – to be honest i do not know, but to not try would be inexcusable.

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