Summer 2003

Every picture tells a story – right?


Like most people, i don’t own many original pieces of Art. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful Colin Lanham painting of the UWC-USA campus – which was a trade for a bike, and one or two others by my grandparents – but i think this is my favourite – not just because it is a selfie

June 2003 – the mania of my bipolar diagnosis kicked in big time whist i was in New Mexico. A week in the local hospital before i was deemed well enough to fly back to Edinburgh escorted by my father’s cousin Dick who flew in from San Diego to pick me up – like a DHL package – and escort me home.

Back in Edinburgh – still pretty much as high as a kite – i planned to attend the evening service at St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile. (the main tourist drag). Like some others, religion only seems of any interest when i am manic.

But I never made the service – i got talking to one of those street portrait artists, and the above was the result. My only request i seem to remember was for the William Wallace / Mel Gibson painted blue face.

I don’t recognize the hat, but still have the rucksack. Seems to remember i gave the guy £20 – but to me it is priceless remind of a literally crazy few weeks of which i only have a few memories.



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