three beautiful minds

This post is about 3 people:

  1. Michael Francis Atiyah (1929- )
  2. Marin Ros Tumadottir (1982-2016)
  3. David Michael Atiyah (1958- )

Marin was found dead, in her flat, on March 28th, 2016 – having spent essentially the last 11 weeks in first Reykjavik’s psychiatric hospital, and then a rehab centre.

I last saw Marin on Sunday, January 10th – I flew over 3 days before at very short notice when she started talking about going into hospital on a voluntary basis. By talking I mean through social media – our relationship was a virtual one. I have 4,500 text messages we exchanged since I came out the Royal Edinburgh Hospital myself in June 2015.

It is my view that “the system” that she trusted to help her, failed her – indeed you could even go as far as to say it killed her.

Since her death i have been hit by 4 exocets (no offence to the French intended)

  1. on March 29th, whilst in Eugene, Orgeon, USA visiting an old friend, i received an email from Marin’s mother Allyson informing Marin had died
  2. within a couple of days Marin’s parents let it be known that i would not be welcome at the celebration of Marin’s life to be held in Reykjavik on April 8th
  3. on April 21st i received a lengthy email from Allyson in which i learnt for the first time that Marin was a drug addict and that the money i had been giving her, far from helping her and her two boys, had contributed to her death which is expected to be confirmed as an accidental drugs overdose
  4. on May 2nd i received a 3 line email indicating that, due to visa problems, my job offer to teach maths at UWCCC from Aug 1, 2016 had been withdrawn.

I should stress I have nothing but praise for all the lifelong efforts Allyson and her husband, Marin’s father, Tumi made to help Marin. Everyone did their upmost to help her – if collectively we made one mistake, it was that we did not come together to form one support team.

CheekyLippy was an idea that I, together with Adelin Cai, came up with for Marin’s friends around the world to join in with the celebration on April 8th.

Friends were asked to draw red lipstick hearts on their cheeks, take a photo, upload it to the net – from where Adelin and I would pull it down. The intention is for all the photos to be printed into two hardback books – one for each of Marin’s two young sons.

Whilst not yet complete, the photos can be viewed here.

I visited Reykjavik from April 24th – 26th, mainly to meet with Marin’s younger sister, Anna Kristin, who I overlapped with at RCNUWC 2001-02. It was a stressful, emotional and nearly fatal 48 hours.

{i drove on the wrong side of the road, only overting a fatal crash at literally the last second when i saw the smoke emerging from the trucks brakes}

Ever since her death I have been exploring in my head how best I might mark Marin’s passing. This blog post is the conclusion of that intense five weeks of thinking.

Global society is constructed around Nation States.

Each state maintains itself through a number of different components of “the system”

  • government
  • health
  • legal
  • military
  • education

As explained by Alan Carter in his book: A Radical Green Political Theory, any attack on one part of “the system” is perceived as an attack on the State, and all the other components come to its aid. The survival of the State being paramount. More important than truth.

The system is logically flawed. Mathematics exists as the language of science, and mathematicians spend their lives proving theorems. Once proved, and the proof is accepted as true by others, the theorems is deemed true. For ever. By everyone.

For example, this year’s Abel Prize is being awarded in a couple of weeks to Andrew Wiles for his proof of Fermat’s last theorem.

Here is a simple proof that Global Society’s System of Nation States is logically flawed, and accordingly wholesale reform is required.

  1. The National Health Service of the UK follows the medical model of mental illness.
  2. Everyone in the UK has mental health – and psychiatrists fit everyone into their model, using the DSM – the American classification of mental disorders.
  3. I do not fit their model.
  4. Therefore the model is flawed.

My NHS records, extensive large folders covering notes from numerous admissions to different hospitals, record that I have a bipolar diagnosis.

That means nothing more than I have exhibited the symptoms listed on a particular page of the DSM.

Throw the DSM away. Turn the psychiatrists into life coaches. Each of us is an individual, with their own journey through life. It is normal to experience highs and lows – but love from family and friends is the answer, not pills and ECT treatment.

I suggest that in many occasions it is the very relationships within families that are the root of stress; why not setup an App – called Parent Swap. Just like you might look for a Council house to swap. My father is the only person, out of 7 billion alive today, with whom i can not have a simple discussion. Any difference of opinnion explodes into a volcanic eruption within about 3.5 seconds.

John Geddes, of Oxford University, admitted in a talk to scottish psychiatrists (CPD), that, and I quote, having been in the audience:

All mental health diagnoses are works of fiction

I prefer not to be defined by a work of fiction. Humans are complex biological objects.

Welcome to a brave new world. I will continue to think – and stand willing to help society reform itself from within. I suggest this is the beginning of the end of the Nation State. It should be a global society centred around the individual.

  • All men and women are equal.
  • We all belong to numerous Tribes
    {a tribe being defined as a group of people who trust each other, purely through ownership of the tribe}
  • Each Tribe is entitled to create its own structure, rules of membership, etc.
  • Simply define one of your Tribes as you main tribe, introduce online voting, and you have a global society, one person one vote. One legal system. No more war. No more killing innocent women and children.

Kurt Hahn left four legacy organisations

  1. Outward Bound
  2. The Award Scheme
  3. Round Square Schools
  4. United World Colleges

Through the years, I have worked with all four. I attempted to persuade the Royal Society of Edinburgh to hold a one day conference here in Edinburgh during the first wek of July 2016, with Prince Philip being the keynote speaker.

In their infinite wisdom the idea fell on the fallow ground leaving me to answer the question I suggested the conference might ask itself:

If he were alive today, what would Kurt Hahn do?.

I put it to you that he would:

  • put the fight against Climate Change on a war footing
  • institute a biopsychosocial model of mental health
  • move away from the Nation State to a global one person one vote world society

No more flying around for education until you have your first degree. And yes, that means closing down the United World Colleges and Round Square schools, and any other school that flies its students in each year.

Revolutions can come from within. If this one doesn’t – well – i leave it to the reader’s imagination to consider where society might end up.

Where does my father fit into this blog post?

As one of only two people to have ever held the posts of President of the Royal Society, and the Royal Society of Edinburgh he is “the system”.

I am happy to take questions on my ideas, but will only appear once to debate the validity of them. At a time and place of my father’s choosing.

I trust William Duncan will on this occasion allow me to bring the one person i would like on my team – my dear mum, Lily.

Dad: well done, i would never have reached these conclusions without your love and care since i was born 57 years ago.

Feel free to bring along your lieutenants.

Vegetarian nibbles please – and no alcohol nor ties allowed around necks. Ties can only be worn as belts. Colourful clothes please, no grey suits.

I have written my own version of Elton’s Candle in the Wind song – entitled #CheekyLippy. Elton himself wrote his Diana version whilst bereaving. You can watch his only public performance of this version at the funeral here.

I hope to be invited to the annual graduation ceremony to be held in Flekke, Norway, on Saturday, May 21st. Perhaps, if Philipp Huchler is able to play the piano for me, together we can perform the world premiere of #CheekyLippy. Unless Elton is free.

My singing isn’t really up to a four verses – i’ll just aim for the first one if the whole college will join me in singing the last three.



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