Cloning Pa

A few months ago, whilst visiting Cece & Giles Hemmings I was very impressed with the bust of Giles that Cece had created; like size and very life like.

We got talking and i had the idea that perhaps i could commission Cece to do a similar bust of my father. But during the conversation the idea of 3D scanning and printing cropped up.

A while later the concept matured; I would get the existing bust of my father – which is on show at the Newton Institute in Cambridge 3D scanned, and then a copy made. At the time although i knew little about the process i was thinking of a 3D print.

The Director of the Institute was happy with the original being scanned – having checked with the original scupltor – as he would hold copywrite of the piece of art.

A quick web search identified someone local to Cambridge who could do the 3D scan – it proved to be quite a quick but impressive process to observe.

As the project evolved the final destination of the cloned bust went on its own journey.

  1. Clone to be loaned to the Royal Society of Edinburgh – of which Michael was President
  2. To be given to the Norwegian Royal Family with the intention that it would be passed on to the Abel Prize organisers  for display.
  3. And finally, to be given to the Royal Society


{post to be expanded once access to laptop is back to normal}

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