From Conflict to Peace

This blog post is nothing more than an honest update on where i am in life, both physically, and mentally. It cannot be too long because the battery on my laptop will die – and i cannot get it recharged here in the Murray Royal Hospital – once dead, i have to wait until my good friend Trish comes in, takes it home, and recharges it for me,

So yes, i am in a psychiatric hospital – i was sectioned first in london in the early hours of May 10 – after i walked into an A & E dept and simply asked to speak to a psychiatrist (psych) at about 9pm the day before.

Having been sectioned, i was then driven in an ambulance to Edinburgh, where i was admitted into the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for ~60 hours, before being driven to Perth – where i am in the Moredun Ward.

My health is fine – though going downhill – because i cannot get any exercise, nor fresh air in my bedroom. And i guess also because absolutely everything is done for you. No meals to cook, no washing up to. No cleaning to do, …

the NHS in Scotland is doing an excellent job looking after me – i have no complaints against any individual – my battle is with THE SYSTEM.

By SYSTEM – i mean the whole establishment of the NATION STATE – in my case both the UK and SCOTLAND, since devolution muddies the water.

Our modern NATION STATES are logically inconsistent. That someone who asks to see a psych in person, then gets locked up for probably at least 28 days proves the point.

We, the PEOPLES of the world needed psychs for 200 years. And i have nothing but praise for those who have chosen that as their vocation. But, NOW, their usefullness is coming to a close. It is like the emperor with no clothes.

I get it – and am now living in the new world of the future – the one John Lennon wrote about in his song IMAGINE. A beautiful world of PEACE, with no MILITARY, no MENTAl ILLNESS, no COUNTRIES, etc. Dig out a Youtube version and listed to it in peace and quiet.

My me – well that is not the question that needs to be answered now.

So where does the power lie if we are to dismantle the NATION STATE – with all 7+ PEOPLE of the WORLD, living in a real / digital GLOBAL VILLAGE.

For my own thinking i am using the word TRIBE

We are belong to various TRIBES – one of which will probably be your current NATION STATE. But here is the key – you get to allocate your global vote to which every TRIBE you belong to – call it your VOTE TRIBE.

The rest is technology – if we make it our top priority – alongside global problems like hunger, climate change, etc. there is no reason within a relatively (in terms of man’s presence on earth) period of time, have a real world democracy.

Yes there will be problems to sort out – but those in the future will not be decided in courts – but through mediation. ┬áCourts are old school, conflict.

Thousands of people have tried to crack – THE PROBLEM of mankind to date. I believe there are reasons why it fell to an unemployed maths teacher to crack it – but now is not the time to be distracted.

The most important first step is for the countries of the world, through the existing UN, to call for and sign up to a GLOBAL CEASE-FIRE – covering all conflicts between NATION STATES.

Once in place – surely there are 1000s of PEOPLE more qualified than myself to build the NEW WORLD.

Obviously i am happy to help – to serve, as required.

We can and will do this – the only question is how long it is going to take – given that it entails all those currently with POWER giving it back to the PEOPLE.

In PEACE and <3



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  1. Adam
    25th May 2016 at 1:37 pm

    It’s sort of a lie because you WERE breaking into properties, in Scotland and by your own admission London. I imagine the truth is you were arrested trying to break into somewhere in London, interviewed and Sectioned. At least be honest if you want anyone to take you seriously David.



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