Missing out?

I am increasingly struck by how many of my generation choose not to use Facebook to widen their network of social contacts. The common excuse you hear is along the lines of “i haven’t got time for all that rubbish”

I can understand if the computer revolution has completely passed by you buy – maybe you are 85, retired from your work 20 years ago, and are more than happy watching the box or pottering around in your garden.

By chance i recently received a rare postcard from an elderly friend – who has a beautiful sense of humour, not to mention legible handwriting.


Detectives among you will have little trouble in deciphering TKAMB, but OWWL might prove a little more challenging.

I would guess by now the research has been done to show that those who network well via the likes of Facebook and/or LinkedIn are more successful in their careers? Or am I talking rubbish here?

Peter Pan

My grandfather Edward Atiyah wrote his autobiography “An Arab Tells His Story” published by John Murray after the war.

He also wrote a number of detective stories.  (the list below has been lifted from Wikipedia – where else!)

  • An Arab tells his story: a study in loyalties ( autobiography ) London: Murray, 1946
  • The Thin Line, (a crime novel, later issued as Murder, My Love, filmed by Claude Chabrol, called *Juste Avant La Nuit) London: Peter Davies 1951
  • Black Vanguard : Peter Davies: London, UK, 1952
  • Lebanon Paradise. A novel London: Peter Davies 1953.
  • The Arabs the Origins, Present Conditions, and Prospects of the Arab World, 1955
  • The Crime of Julian Masters Robert Hale, London 1959
  • The Eagle Flies from England Robert Hale, London 1960
  • Donkey From the Mountains Robert Hale, London 1961 – Later issued as:
  • The Cruel Fire Doubleday Crime Club 1962

Peter Davis, the publisher of three of these, was a good friend of my grandfather’s. He himself had a very interesting and complicated background – being one of the Davis children unofficially adopted by J. M Barrie, OM, author of Peter Pan.

But the evidence suggests Peter Pan wasn’t named after my grandfather’s publisher / friend, though throughout his life he continually had to fend off the question.

If my efforts to re-publish my grandfather’s autobiography prove successful I may continue and try and re-publish the detective books too. But scanning the texts, via OCR, is not a quick process so don’t hold your breath.

I once published the 100 year history of Netherfield Cricket Club, in Kendall, under the name of my nearby farmhouse – Hutton Park Press. You get allocated ISBN numbers in blocks of 10 – so I guess I still have a further 9 I can use for my grandfather’s books!

Diamonds – 60

Atiyah_148_wedding55My parents, Lily and Michael, [2] celebrated their diamond (60th) Wedding Anniversary on July 29, 2015, having been married in Edinburgh at Holyrood Abbey Church 60 years ago.


James Mackay was my father’s best man, whilst Lily’s two sister, Isobel and Elizabeth, and Michael’s sister, Selma were the three bridesmaids.


wedding group

Elizabeth (Brown) Russell
James Mackay
Joe Atiyah
Michael and Lily
Isobel (Brown) Beveridge
Selma (Atiyah) Zall

back row: John Brown, Jean (Levens) Atiyah, Elizabeth (Myles) Brown, Edward Atiyah


I make no secret of my diagnosis of bipolar, and feel the need to write about the medication I take for it – or to be honest, the absence of medication.

The accepted perceived wisdom from psychiatrists is that there is a need to take one or more medications on a long term basis to prevent the chance of a relapse.

I have always rejected this approach – preferring to come off any medication after an episode of illness as soon as possible. I accept in so doing i am taking a risk – but modern life is full of taking risks. 3000 people are killed on British roads each year yet most of us still choose to drive.

I recently took the opportunity to ask a psychiatrist, who is also a professor here in Edinburgh, whether in his profession there was a single adjective used to describe people who had a long term mental health condition but choose not to take any medication.

No – was his simple answer.

My suggestion for a suitable adjective is Medsfree.

Simple and doesn’t need any explanation – should I write a letter to The Times newspaper using my new word in an attempt to get it adopted into the English language via the OED?

Taking on too much?

For someone who only came out of the Royal Edinburgh hospital on June 2nd this year I have quickly committed myself to a significant number of voluntary roles in an attempt to live a fulfilling life.

A quick look at the home page of this website shows in these roles / projects in detail – and there are more in the pipeline.

Some of my friends, and family, have expressed the opinion that i need to slow down and reduce my commitments otherwise i run the risk of becoming ill once more.

I am happy to admit that I am not sleeping well at the moment – but hope to deal with this via getting more physical exercise via running / cycling / squash.

If you have never been clinically depressed it is difficult to explain how it feels, and equally how empowered one feels when you finally recover and once more engage fully with society.

It wasn’t that long ago i wasn’t even able to communicate with my friends – now i am enjoying talking with complete strangers.

The beauty of the modern technology means one can contribute to a number of different projects whist sat in a nice comfortable cafe. Only time will tell whether i am over stretching myself.

ECT – does it work?

After many months on various medications for severe depression, I recently completed a course of 12 ECT  (Electroconvulsive therapy), first as an in-patient and then for the later half, as a day patient.

I liken it to re-booting your brain. You are given a general anesthetic, before you get zapped. For anyone interested, full details are, as ever, available via Wikipedia. Electroconvulsive therapy

The day after the last treatment, without consulting the psychiatrist, I decided to stop taking all my mediations, since when my health has recovered remarkably well though I am not sleeping very well – my brain is overactive.

Of course the medical professionals claim that my recovery is proof that ECT works. I remain sceptical. Shame i don’t have an identical twin for control experiments

March 26, 2015

Here is the verbatim transcript of the Facebook conversation that was generated on my wall following my public plea for help.

“my mind is broken and i have run out of ways of fixing it myself and can’t seem to find others able to help me fix it. i realise this is a very selfish post but i want to live”

Jenny Liddell Sorry to hear that David. Thinking of you.

26 March at 21:01 · Unlike · 2

Haifa Staiti Hi David, sending you love and virtual hugs. Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.

26 March at 21:03 · Unlike · 3

Chris White David you are worth it. If it would help to chat pm me

26 March at 21:04 · Like · 1

Tania Pramschufer Hey David, was just thinking about you the other day. If ever fancy coffee? Tx

26 March at 21:04 · Unlike · 2

Ruth Cameron Dawkins Much love to you David. There are a lot of us standing on the sidelines cheerleading and willing you on xx

26 March at 21:06 · Like · 3

Lorraine Nicholson You will come through this David Atiyah as you have before. I am here for support and sending good thoughts your way. x

26 March at 21:07 · Like · 1

Saty Patrabansh Sending positive thoughts your way!

26 March at 21:08 · Like · 1

Jhon Montevilla Ta I am with you David.. I can only think about your kindness and humour.. receive my energies

26 March at 21:08 · Like · 4

Hilary HamperYou can do it David, we are gunning for you. A less selfish person has never walked.on this earth.

26 March at 21:13 · Like · 8

Edgar Jaramillo Your students love you David, we’re all standing by you.

26 March at 21:15 · Like · 18

Chris O’Sullivan Take care David. It will pass. keep on moving forward.

26 March at 21:18 · Like · 4

Abdullah Hussein Al-Shawk All of your UWC students standing and love you, Take care please

26 March at 21:19 · Like · 19

Sian Woodhead Look at the love on this post in 20 minutes! I know it’s difficult. But there must be some help suited to you out there. Stay strong (easy to say, I know). If you need to talk, I’m here, just send me a message! The Corner of Corruption needs to stick together wink emoticon x

26 March at 21:21 · Like · 7

Vicky Beveridge I hope you begin to feel better soon David, the last part of your status doesn’t show selfishness but a determination and an insight which will prove a positive factor in your hopefully speedy recovery. X

26 March at 21:22 · Like · 4

Anna Kristín Tumadóttir Lots of love and positive thoughts from this corner of the world. One day (or hour, or minute) at a time.

26 March at 21:25 · Like · 3

Yvonne Fleming Remember your current thoughts are symptomatic of the condition. Although they sound very convincing they will change and pass. Hold on David Atiyah.

26 March at 21:28 · Like · 8

Dave Budd Hi David. Sending you hugs fella. If you want to meet up for a cuppa let me know. It’s been a while since one of our catch ups.

26 March at 21:45 · Like · 3

Nicky Bettany This too will pass, David . You are obviously much loved by many many people. Peace be xxx

26 March at 21:47 · Unlike · 4

Adelin Cai Sending hugs and love – you’re not alone. If you ever need someone to talk to, let me know… You’ve got a friend in me!

26 March at 21:57 · Unlike · 3

Pascal Rocha Da Silva You will get through this David, you are strong.

26 March at 22:02 · Like · 2

Julie Wilson Can you call the duty psychiatrist? Xx

26 March at 22:05 · Like · 1

Glen Faulkner *hugs*

26 March at 22:06 · Like · 1

Nicholas Martin David, the sun is just coming out and it is becoming warm again. This is no time to give up. Let your mind go and feel the breeze, the rain and the sun on your skin, and listen to the birds.

26 March at 22:07 · Like · 3

David Atiyah the nhs think i am rational and won’t admit me to a hospital

26 March at 22:08 · Like

Nicholas Martin Would you like a phone call, David?

26 March at 22:10 · Like · 2

Nicky Bettany You are very rational, and you know you need help. Is the crisis centre no help at all to you? X

26 March at 22:10 · Like · 1

Claire Critchley Bell Wish I could think of something profound or helpful to say David. Just hope you can find a way through this You seem to have plenty of people who care about you. x

26 March at 22:13 · Like · 2

Magda Bokiej Eckerle Gosh David, this is hard for you. I can only imagine. When I was going through a similar situation, the only things I found helpful were Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT for short- there are workbooks on Amazon and a ton of research behind it) and Bud…See More

26 March at 22:16 · Like · 7

Nicholas Martin Dear David, we all want you to live: not because we would grieve for you if you went — though we would, deeply — but because we want the best for you. And we have no doubt at all that death is NOT the best thing for you at this time. We will all go down that path, eventually, why speed it up now?

26 March at 22:18 · Like · 2

Rick Harrison David, we are all here for you, hang on in there and work through it. Phone, Skype, facebook, whatever you need…

26 March at 22:29 · Like · 1

Jamie McHale It sounds very difficult for you right now, I hope you are ok. If there is anything I can do to help then please just say.

26 March at 22:33 · Like · 1

Alan Douglas Sharing the thoughts of Yvonne Fleming post.. Hold on to all the postive comments above.

26 March at 22:49 · Like · 3

Sharon Meiring-Jones David Atiyah the crisis centre is the place I turn to when I feel like that and they have always helped me. You did the right thing by posting on here. We are all thinking of you. Remember this is a temp part of bipolar, don’t let it win!!! Xxx

26 March at 22:56 · Like · 4

Isabella Goldie David what about crisis services. Or call vox tomorrow. You have many people that care about you. Sounds like you have lots of folk rallying round. Take care and I hope you take up the offers of support. Let us know how you are tomorrow and if there is anything we can do to help.

26 March at 22:59 · Like · 2

Nina Best big hug to you from way over here! take care of yourself as best you can. xx

26 March at 23:00 · Like

Michael BlairThe NHS find its own arse with both hands!! Hang in David!!

26 March at 23:02 · Like · 1

Mary Dillet heart emoticon

26 March at 23:02 · Like

Marc Goodenough I’m so sorry.
Your condition makes you feel like this, but it’s ok to feel selfish. Thinking of you.

26 March at 23:10 · Like · 2

Heather Bayley It does not seem selfish to me. I hope you are able to find the help you need to make you better unfortunately we are so far away but you are in our thoughts and may it give you strength to know that other care. Chris and I are coming to the UK later this year and hope you will be better and taht we can catch up.

26 March at 23:19 · Like · 2

Bill Willie Henderson David, I can see that there is much love out there for you. If a drink with an idiot can help, just pm me. Rooting for you.

26 March at 23:23 · Edited · Like · 3

Adam Ganz Hi David. Greetings from an old friend. Do DM me if I can help. but thinking of you with great affection

26 March at 23:22 · Like · 3

Joyce Mouriki David I’m in tomorrow if you need sometime from vox let us know see all the support in here and keep it in mind and heart till Sun up.

26 March at 23:25 · Like · 3

Wincy Li David: I’m sending you much love from afar and really wish I was there right now. You are NOT alone. Please call someone right now if you can.

26 March at 23:32 · Like · 3

Kristen Elizabeth Gasparini Hold on! smile emoticon much love heart emoticon

26 March at 23:38 · Like · 5

Tarra Hassin I agree with all those above– so many people care about you! Geographically, we are far, but we are concerned! Call someone else?

26 March at 23:38 · Like · 1

Tarra Hassin Keep writing posts. We are here… in all time zones.

26 March at 23:39 · Like · 5

Jessica Gilbert This is the hardest time of year for those of us who suffer from mental health problems. Try to remember a time in which you have overcome these feelings before and find comfort in the fact that it was possible then and thus is possible now.

26 March at 23:39 · Like · 4

Edie Gledhill Hi David sorry to hear things are so bad. Wish there was some sort of miracle could make everything better but we know this doesnt happen Lots of support out there for you. Please use it. All our love. Edie and. Mike xx

26 March at 23:41 · Like · 2

Bill Willie Henderson Judging by the responses to your plea for help, you are very much loved. Call somebody. There is no need to suffer on your own. I repeat my offer of a drink with an idiot. Just PM me.

26 March at 23:41 · Like · 2

Lea Johnson Thinking of you as you weather this storm. The rain will pass. Meanwhile I hope you can feel the love of all of your friends.

26 March at 23:42 · Like · 3

Valentina Mindoljevic There is nothing selfish about it… you are caring, good person and from the posts of all your friends here, respected for it.

26 March at 23:47 · Like · 2

Edith Darmon Come back to New Mexico and stay with us. Joe says ” let’s go riding our bikes”

26 March at 23:54 · Like · 4

Wincy Li Is anyone posting and showing your care here physically in Edinburgh? If you are, can you please give David a call and go get some help with him.

26 March at 23:56 · Like · 4

Elizabeth Morse David, we value you and think you are amazing. What a mind! What a heart! You are a gift to wherever you are.

27 March at 00:29 · Like · 4

David Dinham David, thanks for trusting us enough to share your situation. We want you with us. We value you. Don’t be by yourself at this time.

27 March at 00:42 · Like · 2

Nina Marquez Johns David you are an amazing person who is loved by all who have posted.

27 March at 00:55 · Like · 1

David Atiyahi am up – what should i do

27 March at 01:07 · Like

Wincy Li Hey David, if you are up, you can call Samaritans on 08457 909090 to chat with someone. Still sending you much love from Canada. like emoticon

27 March at 01:09 · Like · 1

David Atiyah it is too late for that

27 March at 01:10 · Like

Wincy Li David, it’s never too late. heart emoticon

27 March at 01:11 · Like · 1

David Atiyah it is

27 March at 01:12 · Like

Wincy Li David, we really do care about you, and are rooting for you. Please get some help.

27 March at 01:13 · Like

David Dinham Relaxing bath or shower. Watch silly videos on Youtube. Speak to crisis centre on 0808 801 0414. Mindfulness. Sudoku. Crosswords. Creative writing. ???

27 March at 01:18 · Like

David Atiyah too late for all those

27 March at 01:19 · Like

Adam Morris no it isn’t

27 March at 01:23 · Like · 1

David Atiyah yes it is

27 March at 01:23 · Like

David Atiyah address = 3/8 west grange gdns; if i open the door can someone please come and get me

27 March at 01:25 · Like · 1

Wincy Li David, can you give me your phone number?

27 March at 01:27 · Like · 1

Wincy Li I want to help. I really do.

27 March at 01:28 · Like · 1

David Dinham I can come andbe with you. I’m also going to call for help.

27 March at 01:28 · Like · 6

Tania Isabel Evia Salas David, you have made a difference in so many lives, please have some patience with yourself. My thoughts are with you.

27 March at 01:31 · Like · 1

David Atiyah please get me help but i need to not disturb my father

27 March at 01:33 · Like

David DinhamI’ll be there in about 20 mins

27 March at 01:36 · Like · 8

David Dinham Have also calledfor help

27 March at 01:36 · Like · 5

David Atiyah but don’t ring the dor bel that will disturby my fqther

27 March at 01:36 · Like

Ruth Cameron Dawkins Thank you for posting your address David. And thank you David Dinham for being there in person. David Atiyah please keep talking to us here if you need to until your friend arrives.

27 March at 01:37 · Like · 7

David Atiyah i will gt drewssedd and wait downswqoirqw

27 March at 01:37 · Like · 7

Wincy Li Good, good. Help is on its way. Thanks David Dinham!!!

27 March at 01:37 · Like · 4

Nicky Bettany Please ask david d to let us know he has arrived and you are safe. Staying here with you David xxxx

27 March at 01:40 · Like · 3

Elizabeth Morse Hang in there, David.

27 March at 01:40 · Like · 1

Nicky Bettany We are holding your hope David , you wont always feel this bad. Hugs xxx

27 March at 01:41 · Like · 2

Julie Shrubsall Glad you are getting help..thinking of you

27 March at 01:45 · Like · 1

Hadar Meltzer David, we are all rooting for you! You are an incredible person. Hold on and it will be better. We are all here with you and for you

27 March at 01:47 · Like · 5

Haifa Staiti Thinking of you David Atiyah

27 March at 01:54 · Like · 1

Nicky Bettany David, are you there? Xxx

27 March at 01:56 · Like · 2

Andrea Feigl-Ding Thinking of you. Here for you & sending positive vibes

27 March at 02:01 · Like

Lea Johnson You are strong, David, you can hold on. This will pass and good things will happen again.

27 March at 02:02 · Like

Glen Faulkner Hi everyone, I hope this is a reassuring post. I was concerned for David so I called the Emergency Mental Health Team at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, and the Emergency Social Work Team at the City of Edinburgh Council to ask for help / advice. Both teams said I should call the police, and so I did that. The police say that they are with David, and that they won’t let any harm come to him.
I think his friend David D is with him.

27 March at 02:03 · Edited · Like · 28

Nicky Bettany Thank you Glen. That’s the news we were all waiting for xxx

27 March at 02:02 · Like · 4

Evrim Fulmer Hang in there David, you are not alone and you are loved! Praying for you

27 March at 02:03 · Like · 2

Ruth Cameron Dawkins Thank you Glen.

27 March at 02:03 · Like · 3

Nicky Bettany Hopefully david dinham will arrive there very soon x

27 March at 02:04 · Like · 1

Elizabeth Morse Thank you Glen and David D. So grateful.

27 March at 02:04 · Like · 4

Hadar Meltzer Thank you Glen and David D.

27 March at 02:06 · Like · 1

Tarra Hassin Such a relief Glen. Thank you.

27 March at 02:19 · Like · 3

David Dinham Hi all, I’m with David now and off to hospital.

27 March at 02:47 · Like · 16

Glen Faulkner I am just passing on what the police told me – I just hope it all works out for David.

27 March at 02:47 · Like · 3

Nicky Bettany Thanks David, you are a star xxx

27 March at 02:48 · Like

Nicky Bettany Hope David recovers himself soon xxx hugs

27 March at 02:48 · Like

Glen Faulkner David Dinham, you are AWESOME XXX

27 March at 02:48 · Like · 4

Glen Faulkner and David Atiyah, you are AWESOME too XXX

27 March at 02:51 · Like · 3

Ruth Cameron Dawkins We love you David Atiyah. Hope to see you back on here feeling much better soon xx

27 March at 02:53 · Like · 2

Dorje Gurung Thanks Glen and David D!

27 March at 03:07 · Like · 2

Ben Gillock oh thank goodness. David Atiyah we all love you very much – hope things look up soon. Thank you Glen and David D for moving quickly.

27 March at 03:12 · Like · 2

David Dinham Thanks for everyone’s messages. We are at the hospital and David is about to be assessed. He is drinking a revolting cup of hospital tea smile emoticon I won’t comment on his condition at the moment but he is being looked after well and Peter and I will be advocates during the interview. Sorry I can’t post more because I want to focus on care activities.

27 March at 03:13 · Like · 20

Tom O’Dowd So glad to know that my friend David has good people near to him who are helping. My very best wishes are with him. If only I could take him for a long run in the hills.

27 March at 03:15 · Like · 1

Brian Bodoh Butler We love you David, lots of love from UWC

27 March at 03:25 · Like · 2

Jake Tyne Lots of care and love from the US, glad that you’re getting help from loving friends!

27 March at 03:32 · Like · 1

Fareen L. Jamal Mr. Atiyah, sending you positive vibes and energy from this corner or the globe… Hang in their mouse… This too shall pass… Really proud of you for reaching out… Big hug and lots of love…

27 March at 04:07 · Like

Mark Pulfer All my support from Canada, David Atiyah. Thank you to David and Gene – although I don’t know you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Frank Klein All our love and support from Alexandria, Virginia! You are surrounded by friends, David.

27 March at 04:42 · Like

David Dinham David will be spending a few days in hospital. He’s currently in the Hermitage ward and the hospital switchboard number is +44 131 537 6000. He appears to be much more relaxed now that he knows someone is looking after him. Thanks to the police, REH st…See More

27 March at 04:54 · Like · 17

Denise Rittenhouse Zall David, sending love from the Zalls. Stay strong and know that you are not alone.

27 March at 04:56 · Like

Candice ChasingThe AfricanDream Sending love and positivity to you David Atiyah, from sunny South Africa. David Dinham, sincerest gratitude for all you are doing.

27 March at 05:29 · Like · 1

Adelin Cai Thanks, David D for being there when those of us far away couldn’t be.

27 March at 05:42 · Like · 4

Valua Chuk Hugs from Ukraine, David, stay strong.

27 March at 05:54 · Like

Ville Keksijä Keränen David, hugs and love from Finland. Your presence made a difference back in RCN when I met you.

27 March at 06:02 · Like · 3

Jennifer Shelton Willms Feel your two feet on the earth and the love from all of us in your heart. You belong here. Don’t leave.

27 March at 06:18 · Like · 2

Dougie Pickering You have the inner strength of many, and a way forward will be found. Take care

27 March at 06:49 · Like

Isabelle Aviolat Berger I also want you to live !

27 March at 06:51 · Like

Rick Harrison Well done glen and David, thanks for the updates after the messages last night…. An I ask you to pass on a man-hug from me with the reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is definitely not an oncoming train….

27 March at 07:05 · Like · 3

Shaun McNeil Keep on keepin’ on David, many of us have been there, felt that there are no more avenues to recovery, but then find a whole new town full of avenues or someone else leads us to recovery town!

27 March at 07:15 · Like · 1

Maxine Atiyah Lots of love David Atiyah. We look forward to seeing you before too long in France xx

27 March at 07:24 · Like

Dave Budd Thanks David Dinham. And thanks Glen Faulkner. So much love and respect for David in these posts. David Atiyah stay strong and use the help you need right now. It will pass fella.

27 March at 07:33 · Edited · Like · 3

Jennifer Cameron Not selfish at all David Atiyah glad to hear you are in a safe place

27 March at 09:15 · Like · 1

Nick Ray From me in a blustery & wet Oban – a big hug David. Thinking of you.

27 March at 10:47 · Like

Susie Childs Keep it positive shoot for the stars know we are all here for you

27 March at 12:17 · Like · 1

Lesley McDade Hi David – it takes time, maybe you need crutch of medicine which will take some time to balance out. Also if you can get out into the country for a walk in nature – has a way of uplifting the spirit – likewise animals – a trip to Edinburgh Zoo or Gor…See More

27 March at 13:10 · Like

Iain Bratchie Keep strong. We’re thinking of you.

27 March at 13:22 · Like

Jill Curtis Wishing you well David, love from everyone in Kirkmichael xxx

27 March at 13:36 · Like

Douglas Baskett Know that your friends want you to live, too.

27 March at 13:42 · Like · 1

Håkan Danielsson David, I´ve been to Edinburgh a few times over the years, to see former students, to attend a wedding, to visit Word Power Bookshop – one of my favorite bookstores in the world. In there, I had a wonderful talk with a close friend of Cyril Lionel Robert James – a Tobago/Trinidad born communist, who has written some of the best texts of the Haitian Revolution 1804 (which happens to be of great interest to me). But also of Cricket!!! I think I have addressed you every time before going to Scotland, but always had the bad luck that you were elsewhere. Do we have a lot to share? More than you think, I´d say. So, will you be around nest time I call upon you? I sincerely hope so/Håkan

27 March at 14:05 · Like · 3

Noémie NkjbgDear David Atiyah, may you find your peace of mind. For having been there, more than once, I am telling you there is always a light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel. You say you want to live: don’t give up, just give yourself time! Lots of Love. n.

27 March at 14:09 · Like · 3

Jan Taylor amazing amount of folk routing for you David. Keep positive. xx

27 March at 15:14 · Like

Naomi Swinton You are a bright light, David. Sending warmth and hope and strength your way.

27 March at 17:19 · Like

Trevor Rigg Anytime you want to meet up, have a chat, sit quietly with company, do get in touch, David.

27 March at 18:06 · Like

Karette Wang Sandbu You have given your students so much love, care and patience, please take all the time you need to give the same to yourself. You deserve nothing less.

27 March at 21:03 · Like · 3

Heidi Öst Thanks for sharing now and as a teacher. I will never forget the passion you transmitted, and I still believe your mind is one of the sharpest around smile emoticon

27 March at 21:21 · Like · 5

Linnéa Van Wagenen Hugs from Denmark and thank you for what you have done for us!

27 March at 21:22 · Like · 2

Mike Edge Best wishes, David – amazing number of people rooting for you. Hope to hear things are going better for you very soon.

27 March at 21:35 · Like

Annelies OllieuzSo relieved that you reached out, David! Selfish would never even cross my mind when describing you. All the very best, thinking of you!

28 March at 13:16 · Like · 1

Wincy Li So glad to hear you’re doing better, David! I hope that you get the Facebook password situation sorted out soon, so that you can update us on how you’re doing – people the world over are thinking of you. And I agree withAnnelies: we are all glad that you reached out for help and support – that’s what friends are for!

28 March at 14:27 · Like

Ned Atiyah Keep going David, we’re all rooting for you down here in Manchester

28 March at 15:28 · Like

Hilary Rhodes Boardman Collins So glad that you are asking for help and that you want to live. Look at the response to your post, so many people whose lives have been enriched by yours. We are so sorry we are not near you, come visit. With love, Hilary and David

28 March at 19:19 · Like

Franky Wongkar Hugs to you Mr. Atiyah… All the way from Indonesia

28 March at 19:27 · Like

Samira Shami Take care of yourself dear David. Life is good.

31 March at 13:09 · Like

Betty Hamer-Hodges I know it is easy for me to say but there are many people who care about and love you. I am sending all of my good energy to you.

31 March at 17:25 · Like

Nicholas Martin Is there news from David? (Only share/pass on/PM if appropriate)

Ingrid HaagmansSo many people that care, David. That MUST mean that you matter and make a difference. Fight this. It will pass.

1 April at 05:49 · Like

Stephen John Webb If ever passing thru Dubai?

28 April at 21:13 · Like



Why my father built a log cabin

In 1964, as a family, we took the car on the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen, en route to the international mathematics conference in Stockholm.

Overnight we stayed in a log cabin.

Years later, in 1975, after a 3 year financially rewarding job at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton my father bought an 8 acre plot of barren scottish hillside in Glenderby, just outside the village of Kirkmichael, Perthshire.

The local landowner, Tony Reid, ran a company that imported and built norwegian log cabins. Although we loosely refer to the house as a cabin, it is actually quite a large 3 bedroom house with grass on the roof. Academics get long vacations out of term and we used to drive up from Oxford 3 times a year.

When my father retired as Master of Trinity College in 1997 he moved north to Edinburgh, and the cabin became much more easily accessible. He also choose to build himself a nice study on the end of the house.

In the 40 years a small forest of trees has grown up around the house, and wild deer are regular visits.

All in all a very peaceful and relaxing retreat from the busy city.

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